To fully take advantage of all the benefits UAG has to offer, and to help our purchasing organization remain strong and highly competitive, it’s advised that members purchase at least 75% of their product through UAG. In the event that you don’t buy any product through the Group you only owe your monthly membership dues.

UAG does offer the ability for qualified individuals to obtain a line of credit.

Our commitment to ensuring a robust and stable financial foundation for our organization and our members is reflected in the comprehensive financial review process we conduct for prospective members. This is to ensure a successful relationship and promote continuous growth year after year.

UAG follows a meticulous selection process when admitting new members to the Group. Our focus is fostering a collaborative environment and setting new standards in innovation, enabling members’ businesses to thrive now and in the future. As the Group expands, members benefit from increased buying power, consequently driving up stock price and setting new benchmarks of excellence.
Our financial strength is also supported by our portfolio of investments, which includes not only commercial real estate properties but also private equity groups. This diversified approach to investment allows UAG to harness different avenues of growth and revenue generation, enhancing the overall financial resilience of the Group.
Because orders are shipped directly to members from UAG’s vendor partners, we recommend you have enough space to receive and store the products you buy but do not immediately use.
Most recently, UAG forged a partnership with Lowe’s to offer our members even more exclusive benefits. We also partner with many of the industry’s trusted vendors like Pentair, Hayward, Fluidra, Solenis and BioGuard.
No! The relationships that you have grown to depend on will not change. Most UAG members buy as much as they can through the Group. It’s our hope that through UAG you will strengthen current relationships, discover new ones and find even more opportunities for savings.
Any business owner serving the pool and spa industry! Whether you boast years of experience and seek ways to enhance profitability, are contemplating selling your business, or plan to hand over ownership to a family member, even if you operate a maintenance or repair business and aim to expand, UAG welcomes you with open arms. We are a vibrant community of passionate pool professionals who not only love what we do but also relish the joy of having fun while doing it.

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