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Earn More

At UAG, we have everything you need all in one place—and for a better price than our competitors. That’s how we’ve earned a reputation for offering more than distribution for less than distribution. Here’s why it pays off (literally) to become a member.

Image: Aloha Pools

Build Equity

Did you know that the average UAG member saves up to $180,000 annually? You, too, can increase your net worth by millions just by buying through UAG. Since manufacturer rebates apply directly to your UAG stock and ARP (Aqua Rewards Points), you can build wealth and save money by purchasing the products you already need. Members earn equity in three ways.
Vendor rebates that are awarded through group purchases go to UAG holdings. These rebates are issued in the form of UAG stock shares.
Earn ARP by purchasing through UAG to pay for what you need—like products, travel funds, and education. Members earn 1% ARP on each purchase, with select vendors offering additional points.
Access exclusive discounts—including bulk purchasing and pallet quantity discounts, close-out product sales, early buys, promos, and exclusive sales.
You work hard for the money you earn. Don’t send it back to distribution.

Learn More

Gain access to exclusive training and learning opportunities designed to enhance your industry expertise. Participate in things like educational symposiums, networking events, peer support programs, and the annual UAG conference. After all, membership is about more than building wealth. It’s about building knowledge.

Buy Better

We like to infuse a little bit of fun into everything we do. After all, we’re not your typical buying group; we’re a community of passionate pool and spa professionals who love what we do and love having fun while we do it.
Stop worrying about product availability and price at distribution, and start enjoying a simpler buying and investing process today with UAG.

Become a Member Of UAG

Are you ready to earn more, learn more, and buy better? Join UAG today to take advantage of the benefits that membership offers.