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How to Get Your Pool Ready for Entertaining

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Pool season is in full swing. Grab your swimsuit and your sunscreen. It’s time to beat the heat and take advantage of your backyard oasis.

Before you jump in the deep end, you need to make sure your pool is ready for the impending heat. Just like your HVAC system and your landscaping, your pool must be prepped for months to keep it in prime condition for many more summers to come.

Wondering how to get your pool ready for entertaining? Check out the six-step checklist below to learn our top tips and tricks for entertaining by the pool this summer.

How to Get Your Pool Ready for Entertaining this Summer

1. Inspect & Clean the Pool Finish

Pool Inspect And Clean the Pool Finish

If you want your pool to be in tip-top shape, you have to put in the prep work. The first step you should take is inspecting and cleaning the tiles and interior of your pool.

Check for any cracks or chips on the tiles, grout, plaster, deck, and coping. You should also look for worn-down or damaged parts on the filter, return lines, and pump. Repair or replace components as needed.

2. Check the Filter

Whatever type of pool filter you have, it’s important to make sure it’s clean and in proper working order. After all, this component keeps your pool free from unwanted debris, like leaves, dirt, and even creepy critters.

If you have a cartridge pool filter, expect it to last anywhere from one to two years. If your cartridge filter has surpassed its life expectancy, replace it now to be one step ahead of the game. Once summer arrives, you might have trouble finding a replacement quickly with every other pool owner searching for the same thing.

3. Adjust the Chemicals & Balance the Water

How to Get Your Pool Ready for Entertaining

Next up is adjusting the chemicals and balancing the water in your pool. Most pool supply stores have kits you can purchase that contain all the elements you need to complete this step. The kit should include a multi-purpose pool shock, algaecide, pool care pill treatments, and test strips. It should also come with instructions outlining how to test and balance the water’s pH, alkaline, and calcium levels. Finally, add the necessary amount of chlorine.

Don’t be alarmed if this step takes longer than usual the first go around of the season. Your pool has gone untouched for several months, so the water will require more attention.

4. Shock the Pool Water

Unless you drain your pool each year, algae and other contaminants grow and accumulate in the sitting pool water. Since no one wants to swim in green pool water, you’ll need to shock it. The process is simple. After using a brush to remove the top layer of algae from the pool walls, shock the water with a chlorine or non-chlorine shock device to disinfect it.

5. Prepare the Pool Cleaning Equipment

How to Get Your Pool Ready for Entertaining

Make sure all your pool cleaning equipment is in good condition before pool season arrives.

  • Telescopic pole
  • Skimmer net 
  • Vacuum head and hose 
  • Leaf vacuum (if needed)
  • Nylon and wire brush
  • Vacuum plate

6. Maintain Your Pool Year-Round

The best way to ensure your pool lasts for summers to come is to maintain it all year long. Recommended pool maintenance includes cleaning the filter, vacuuming it weekly, and testing the chemicals levels regularly. Follow these steps, and you’ll be set for a successful pool season. If you want additional pool maintenance tips, feel free to contact us for expert intel.

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